Rockets and the Early Space Stage

Something that was ticking me off in spore was that the rockets were not realistic. Slap an antenna onto an empty white blob? That’s a working rocket! So this leads me to my next question, how will rocketry work in thrive? Will it be ultra-realistic like just look at this 1969 in spaceflight - Wikipedia look at all the launches. Another option is like Kerbal Space Program, where you could make the rockets for the important missions like the first probe in orbit or the first manned lunar landing, and simplistic, but realistic. The final option is the spore one. Please. Don’t. Vote. Spore.

Also, how will colonization work? Spore, like where you plop a box that randomly expands into a city? Or something more realistic like actually making a small outpost then building the needed infrastructure and slowly expanding it into a full colony? Or very tedious, like you design the base modules and everything.

Honestly, I opt for the medium-difficulty option. Not too unrealistic, but not too tedious. Lets hear what you guys think!

  • Realistic but Tedious
  • Medium Tediousness
  • Spore (Too simple)

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I was thinking it should be more like a science tree, social tree, civic Tree.

And as you research technology you can do more things.

Thats what I think too, I’m just asking how simple the rocket creation is. Because you need to apply science, like with gunpowder technology you can apply it and create guns.


I think i just de railed from the topic, i deleted the comments, to avoid confusion.

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