Rodlaria V.2 | Evolution Game | Microbe Stage

You start as a blob of cytoplasm and you’ll be able to add organelles to your cell. To buy them you have to use Evo Points. Every round everyone will get 5 Evo Points, or if you have a Vacuole you will be able to save a random amount of them.

Stats, Editor and More

So now there’s more things in here.


Stats are basically the same.

The last stat is population, it works the same as before. If you don’t have enough ATP to survive your population decreases, and it says if you’re safe, endangered or extinct.

The upper part of the stat counter is the enviroment minimal ammount. You can survive without having the minimal amount but it may be easier for other species to eat you.

Below the stats there’s stored resources. You start with No Storing Points, and 1% of a resource is equal to 1 SP. To increase your SP you’ll have to get vacuoles.


They’re the things in the enviroment that a species can use.
Oxygen, CO2, Iron, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Sulphur: They are the resources you can use to make ATP

Phosphorus: This new resource is needed to generate ATP. (Won’t care about in the first 5 turns)

Ammonia: It’s needed to make amino acids. They’re another thing to ruin your experience by making you need them to survive. If you don’t have enough amino acids your population drops slightly. (Won’t care about in the first 5 turns)


Radiation: It’s the ammount of radiation that exists in a habitat. To survive it you’ll need more agents.

Light: Its the amount of light that gets in the region you are. Helps with Photosynthesis.

Temperature: Its the heat in the region you are. Used by Thermoplasts. Depending of the temperature you’ll need different agents.

Salinity: It’s how much of the enviroment is mixed with salt. To adapt to higher or lower Salinity you’ll need to use vacuoles, but this will take some SP depending of the salinity.(3% Salinity = 1 SP)

Acidity: How acid the enviroment is. To adapt to this you’ll have to use acid agents.

Pressure: It’s the pressure of the enviroment. To adapt to higher or lower pressure the ATP consumption increases. (For the sake of not using 10 days to see how cells do this)


Habitat: Where a species lives. To move to another Habitat you need to spend 3 EP per Habitat. (Moving two habitats in a turn costs 6 EP, 3 habitats cost 9 EP and so on)

Species Name: How your species is called

Diet: What your species eats

Planet Age: How old is the planet. In microbe every turn is 10 Million years.

Organelles and Agents

Now there’s a lot of organelles, and the new Agents, so i made a list of them.


Every turn has some parts.
First, the players evolve their species.
When all players have evolved and the day is saturday or has already passed the turn is posted. The part of that post are:
Evolutionary Tree

Turn 0

First Species: LUCA

Important Event: Life appears in Rodlaria
No Important Disasters have happened


i’ll join this again.

name: Crena


  • Sulphur Chemosynthetic Protein 2EP

  • rusticyanin 3EP

yo anyone else wanna join the game?

I will also join again
-2 sulfur chemosynthesizing proteins in the back


  • move up
  • one sulfur chemo synthesizing protein

you sure about that? there’s no oxygen currently.

id like to join in

Name: Reevius


Sulphur Chemosynthetic Protein


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i think it’s time for the next round @Nover452

Isn’t that 6 EP? You have 5 EP to spend. The metabolosome costs 4 Ep and the SCP costs 2 EP

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yeah, I just fixed it

so @Nover452 next round please.

dang, the game is already unalived.

I won’t let Rodlaria die, not even procrastination will kill it! (Ok maybe it will but not for the next 4 turns / Weeks)

Turn 1: Rodlaria is 270 Million Years Old


Crena splits from LUCA


The new rustycianin and sulphur protein help Crena generate ATP. Crena Population Increases

Puklas splits from LUCA


Puklas SCP generates a bunch of ATP. Puklas population increases.

Reevius splits from LUCA


Reevius pilus helps it hunt other cells, but does it hunt every other species? does it hunt itself? (Behaviour begginings. Please specify some information about this). Reevius SCP generate a bunch of ATP. Reevius population increases.

Ofedum splits from LUCA


Ofedum’s SCPs generate a lot of ATP. Ofedum population increases.

Evolutionary Tree


As life’s story begins many forms of it appear, some will evolve to conquer, some will die off. How it ends it’s entirely dependant on their evolution.


So there can be more than one disaster, and the effects on the enviroment vary depending on the life level, amount of resources, and other things. Here there will be some information about the disaster that affects the turn.
And to start the thing said that there would be 3 disasters. This will be fun (Also you’re probably going to die)
The next disasters are…
Tsunami! A random amount of species get moved to another habitat, for FREE! (Maybe making them die)
Hurricane! You got lucky, this one only affects land. This disaster affects a certain land region with a hurricane, killing many of the lifeforms in there depending on it’s strength. (But you’re all in water so you’re safe! yay!)
Gamma Ray Burst! The last disaster of the original Rodlaria! (That had a turn) This disaster gives everyone 5 extra EP, but at the cost of a random amount of your population, going from 1% to 90%! (You can become endangered very easily)


So behaviour is really simple right now but it’s enough for the stage we’re on.
Ok so i don’t know how this works but i’ll try using it.
If it worked it worked, if not then that’s sad, but i don’t expect it to work so yeah.
Second Turn ends next Saturday.
See you then!


  • 2 cytoplasm on left and right back
  • flagella in the back
  • 2 Sulphur chemosynthetic proteins in the front
    target reevius, but go for any other available species besides Puklas
  • move to epipelagic
  • rest for thykaloids

the straw pilus is an upgrade to the pilus, so you can’t buy it until you get a pilus, also which species will you evolve? you have 2

EP: 10

  • 2 Sulphur Chemosynthetic Proteins -cost: 4 EP
  • Rusticyanin -cost: 3 EP
  • cell wall -cost: 2 EP
  • cytoplasm -cost: 1 EP

So do we have 10 EP to spend, 5 for the normal turn and 5 for the Gamma Ray Burst?

I assume the hydrothermal vents are at the bottom but I can’t see anything colour coded on the map to match.

Species Reevius

Sulphur Chemo synthetic Protein(2EP),flagella(4EP),vacuole(2EP) and Nitrogenase(2EP)

SCP other side of pilius to balance
vacoule and nitrogenase below and flagella beneath that

Predation - attacks anything except itself.

it’s 5 points, he didn’t say there will be a disaster next turn.

i took it as those happened this time mainly because they said were safe from the hurricane (fixed previous post)(oh never mind RE-fixed previous post)

Well there’s the Gamma Ray Burst, so it gives 5 extra EP to every player

It’s in the disasters thing. And there will be two important disasters next turn.

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well it seems i misunderstood what you said.

ok then, i’ll fix my EP spendings.

edit: it’s fixed

@Nover452 next round plz.

why are you getting a pilus if you’re moving to the epipelagic (where their arent other cells)(sorry if this is late or I misunderstood)

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oofer got 2 species, ofedum is the one with the pilus, puklas is the one that will move to the epipelagic.

Ah that makes sense, thanks.