Roles and Titles

Hey so, this might seem like a dumb question but hey.
My question is as follows : How will the role attribution work ? (When I say role i’m talking about Microbial, Sentient, stuff like that) Will the Old forum users get their roles back or is there maybe a new title system ?


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There is a new system. It will be probably slightly tweaked further.

But right now posting and being online (the total read time) determines which flair (group) you are put into.

If we had a way of importing the old posts then that would count towards it, but right now everyone is starting from 0 posts and the New flair.

We just moved here so things are still being set up.

I’m listed as a developer, however, this isn’t technically correct, as I have not made any contributions to the assets of Thrive.
I do plan to join the team, but as of right now I am merely a moderator. The same applies to Aquos.

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I couldn’t think of anything else so I changed yours and @Aquos’s titles to Moderator

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