Rotation Error

I decided to create a cell with a singular rusticyanin for its energy production. However, bizarrely, the way I create this cell has an impact on it.
If I place the rusticyanin on the hex directly below the starting cytoplasm, the rotation speed goes down to 93.7, which sticks even after I delete the starting cytoplasm. However, if I place the rusticyanin directly on top of the starting cytoplasm, replacing it, the rotation speed is not affected.
The movement speed of the cell is reduced if I place rusticyanin below the cytoplasm, but goes back up to the original 70 if I delete the cytoplasm. So this strange issue only affected rotation.

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To some extent this is intentional. A cell of size 2 should rotate slower than a cell of size 1. But yes, deleting the rustacyanin should revert the rotation speed anyway.

I expect this is another result of the slightly wonky code to adjust the centre of the cell as it’s built.


Can you share screenshots to clarify? I think @Oliveriver is basically right, in the editor the center of the cell is always assumed to be at 0,0 coordinates. If the cell is not centered around these coordinates various displays in the editor show incorrectly. When you exit the editor the organelles are re-centered to make sure the problem doesn’t impact the gameplay.

This is related to issues like: