Rotation speed


I think the instantaneous rotation of the microbe is not realistic and is too easy to exploit (doing an instant 180° flee or a spinning death beyblade). It also seems a bit buggy with multicellular microbes when colliding against other microbes as great speed.

I think the microbe should have a limited rotation speed depending on its mass and optionally any propelling parts.
With larger microbes having a slower rotation and smaller with a faster.
The microbe should try face the cursor but shouldn’t be locked on to it.

sorry if this issue has come up before, I’m new to these forums but like the game a lot so far.

It’s already in development

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Welcome to the forums!

As for your question, this is currently being fixed, with your cells rotation speed decreasing over time as you get bigger. The Cilia part will counter this, increasing rotation speed.

Here’s the issue on Thrive’s GitHub -

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Okay great! thank you

Cilia part has been implemented now, after being wanted since 2014. It will come in the next release, but already available in devbuilds.

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