Rptpbhto Reborn

Because new beginnings bring new bad discussions and i’m currently dieing from the fact no one plays online games during the day

Chapter 1:because all story’s need gypsy’s
as the warm embrace of late December falls upon the land of south Bird land.the beach goers make sandmen and others make sand angles while tourists enjoy the change of climate.
not everyone is enjoying the weather tho,a local kiwibucks employee named joe.
Joe Trannic is a skinny white woman that comes a short and not very humble family of Trannics,her closest relative’s Dramatic joe was kidnapped by a magician and the other Angry joe wen’t missing for 4 hours and came back a skeleton (he also gained a very unlikable personality),and her biological father wen’t missing in 2013 some say he was taken by a panda other said that found a way to traverse dimensions and no one is sure who the mother is.

however joe did not have the same luck (for better or worse) she had an ordinary life with a ordinary job with ordinary friends and some how got a date once,after the day was done she headed home to her caravan which she inherited from her father,it was flashy with a finished version of thrive ready to play.it was expensive to maintain but she did it to have something to call her own.after all she had nothing to her name except a few good sfm’s and a lot of horrible ones.after doing some sfm’s and arguing to total strangers on the net she goes to bed and sleeps.
she does this every day with little variance.summer winter autumn spring its all the same.some times she would be able to go out but this is very rare and she mostly just try’s to find out who her parents were.

finally one December 20th something changed.a door opened and out popped a mask…
it was a bear masked with a tophat with bloody claws on the inside.it has some writing on the side “shes a monster,shes a monster,shes a monster” repeated over and over and over again.
curious she starts to drive to Angry joes house for answers

to be continued

Chapter 2 old bones and rusting machines
driving all the way down south to another caravan park joe walks up to a distinctly run down truck with a large attena and some wires reading "boneles gameofthrones streaming device do not touch or i will shove a bone so far up your…"the rest is rusted over.
peering inside she can see what appears to be a flesh-less corpse staring at a monitor with strange unicycle creatures.suddenly the mask joe found earlier flung out of her caravan and into the side of the truck making a large clunk as it rebounded off the old vehicle.

suddenly the skeleton leaped out the gold in a stance that’s suppose to be threatening.
"alright who touched my pride and joy"he said looking around as he turned his glowing yellow pupils to joe.
"ohhhhhh have i really been downgraded from protagonist…I MADE ONE OFFENSIVE JOKE JUST ONE!"he shouted kicking his truck than immediately regretting it."so what brings a mute like you to my wading hole of belgium"he asked rolling his eyes at the word belgium not knowing its true meaning because hes an uncultured swine. joe picking up the mask and raising it up to the skinny skinless greassy **sexy **skeleton,he jolts back in surprise in response he yelled "where the bulging fraplance did you get THE MASK"quickly cowering behind the truck "IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE DELETED FROM THE FORUMS…unless"racing to the caravan he started searching the entire place.
"FULL VERSION OF THRIVE. OVERLY FEMININE LAYOUT. IMPOSSIBLE ADDITIONS. ALL THAT’S MISSING IS!"he freezes in place looking at a picture joe looks at him confused and disturbed. she quietly approaches him “joe…we have a problem…a big problem” he showed joe a thread from a website called “what do you think of the new forum”. she doesn’t know what hes talking about. “THOSE GOD DAMN BOTS THEY ACTUALLY DID IT THEY ACTUALLY FORCED THE GODS HAND” joe moves away starting to get worried that he may actually be mentally insane which is later confirmed when he ran outside and came back in wearing a similar mask to the original one than he turns to the camera. “its good to be able to talk to you again” i’m personally not looking throwd to the “hilarious” banatar between me and him.

quickly jumping into the drivers seat he gets a festive tophat out of thin air and some Christmas decorations as he flips a switch underneath the steering wheel (which joe never thought about switching it).suddenly the whole caravan is in the air with joe falling flat on her face as giant engines appear from the back.
"well what are you doing dumbbelgium strap in because where we’re going we don’t have the luxary of disobeying rules."he said as the engines roar a gigantic roar as the caravan…nose dives into the ground digging a path to hell.

to be continued… again


"what just happened,its like my entire been just vanished into thin air…was i dead?"joe says as the two continue to speed into the planets core

I come from the future

I was here from the past

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im here in the present

I came from today

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Im here from earth

i waseth frometh marseth

(Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?)

I came back from 2 days ago.

Hello again.



I doth thoust h8 you


Who are you?

I’m RoboRomb

And, to Quantum Crab, what was I meant that I would be sticking with that profile until I could find one that fits the site and me in some way.

What do you know, I found a profile that I like and will be that profile for the rest of my days.


“I will be sticking with it”

“sticking with it”



“I’ll be sticking with it” - for now

Yeah, I don’t know what else to say. Other than trying to continue this.

Also, how do you make the letters larger? I’ve been trying to figure that out.

just click the “Color Text” icon and you will see the fancy text to make the text colored, just replace the words “color” with “size”


Note: the spaces between the / sign will be removed for the actual thing

[color=#]Text[ / color]

[size=#]Text[ / size]

I just used a #
before the sentence,

like so

but your method is much better

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