Running thrive with GT 730, I5 650

Now that i have a GT 730, its no more intregated
I still think the thing messing up is the cpu, the cpu required for Thrive is Intel HD Graphics 4000
My cpu is a Intel® Core™ i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz
Can i now run it

Thrive needs something newer if it is intel graphics. But you say you have nvidia graphics. You should be able to run the game if you set it to use the nvidia graphics card from the nvidia control panel (if you use a laptop). On a desktop it should just use the nvidia card (as long as you have drivers etc. and your monitor plugged into the graphics card).

Yes it is
It’s a desktop computer

Have you tried it? It should work as long as the nvidia card is installed correctly (I’m pretty sure GT 730 is supported by the latest nvidia driver).

GT 730 is a discontinued gpu
The last version of GT 730’s drivers is 388.13
And i have that version installed