Running update_localization.rb seemingly breaks locale (is this normal)?

Issue Description

I am working on this pr Modding Improvements by I-Have-No-Idea-What-IAmDoing · Pull Request #3010 · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub and i am running into problems when trying to add translation support. Whenever i run the 'update_localization.rb' script, the localization file seems to break.

Some of my new translation have the wrong translation from other translation, and other translations are now wrong


is this normal and i just have to manually fix it or am i doing something wrong?

Your code

I am not sure if you need my code but my branch is here:

Extra error information

There are no errors. when running the script and it closes too quickly for a screenshot but no red text.

Existing translations being replaced should not happen.

Do you have the latest Thrive-Babel package version? It’s been updated every now and then to extract text differently. Second thing to check is to reset the translation files to the versions they are on the master branch so that you have a clean starting point. If you’ve previously ran the text update and it has broken something, it can’t get itself fixed automatically.

And for the new texts you add it’s completely normal that gettext guesses text to put there. You can leave those as-is for other languages than English.

it seems to just having the incorrect thrive-babel version, thanks for the help

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