Sapient AIs

Will your species be able to create AI or even fully sapient AIs. Or as an alternative encrypting your entire species.

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Why not being able to create cyborg Hitmen? to take out… inconvenient higher ups from other species? These hitmen would look like the other specie but would be controlled cells by your specie :slight_smile:

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An interesting idea.

But also why not fully to encrypt your species, so your species can take many mechanical forms. (combat form example). Something like Forerunner composer from Halo.

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Why not both?

Encrypt as an extra layer of security… In case the threat can’t be neutralized by other means? :wink:

Flood fore-shadowing

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It’s interesting to speculate in since… If our species will be able to come up with something like this… How will our species know that they aren’t being controlled by some puppetmaster?

Well an interesting question.

And encryption basically equals transcendence, because it makes species immortal.

Similar thing to what is happening on earth with “trans-humanism”, people who want to replace parts of their bodies with mechanical ones.

To encrypt a living being comes with its own problems. This will take a chip implant or equal. Tech, in any form, was and is created by living things with emotions. Not failsafe robots. So my question is; will these chips be vulnerable to hacker attacks?

How would digitization make something immortal? It’s not like computers are indestructible.

It makes someone immortal from biological death (and diseases). Destroying the computer/machine in which person’s consciousness would be the same as destroying their biological body.

In a way, I guess it could be compared to a sort of temporary immortality. However, it is not nearly at the level of transcendence, due to the fact that compared to the age of the universe, civilization is a rather fleeting thing. There will be a time when the civilization dies out, which will cause the supply of energy to stop, causing the shutting down of the species.

By that logic, nothing can be immortal because universe will die one or another way.

My species gods are immortal, since belief never dies out! :rofl:

Edit; well if the human mind can come up with something I think it’s safe to say that it will feature in Thrive if it can be based on some kind of logic :+1:

For example, yes, you will be able to encrypt your specie since it’s science fiction which Thrive will feature. The question is when it will be implemented. :thinking:

well if the human mind can come up with something I think it’s safe to say that it will feature in Thrive if it can be based on some kind of logic

That means we will never have Half Life 3 in Thrive :cry:

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I am pretty sure you will se HF3 in Thrive, since you can always claim nuclear disaster if zombies suddenly pops up in the discussion… :wink:

Those head eating crabs are just that… Muatants caused by radioactive leaks from the power plant. :+1:

That is the thing: Transcendence transcends the universe, allowing the species to survive longer than it.