Sci0927's first (intended) evo game

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did you know if you @ someone in an edit they still get pinged? just saying double posting is almost never necessary

Vote: chemoreceptors

I finished round 3


evo game - google sheets

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Just checking, vgt gives me another vote like in UTG? Or does it just increase my votes success chance?

yes it gives you another vote

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Vote 1: Vacuoles

Vote 2: Lysosomes

Vote: VGT + move to [-1, 0)

You mean [-1,0] right

Vote - VGT again

if do:

vote 1 - ER
vote 2 - chemoreceptor


Vote: VGT . . . . . . .

you would have to wait until the next round to use vgt.

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He’s going to be on vacation - it might be a pre-vote in case he is unable to vote for next round



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Vote: VGT

you have vgt, just with a detriment.
do you know what ill assume you meant to get rid of the detriment.
also round 4 finished.


evo game - google sheets

@doomlightning @Trappist-1e @fralegend015 @Null @Nie @TwilightWings21

Vote 1; Vacuoles again

Vote 2: Phagocytosis