Science Starts With Questions!

I’m making a evolution game and I want it to seem realistic in the order you evolve, for example if your evolving your digestive system you start with a gastric cavity then evolve it into a branched gastric cavity in order to increase in size and unlock digestive track tree. But it’s hard to find information about how systems evolved and what that allowed them to do like I’m not 100% sure you would need a branched cavity before getting a digestion track. That’s where this thread comes in, i’m hoping that me and others having a hard time with anatomy/biology could post here and have it answered by others. Also feel free to ask questions about things your having trouble with, stuff like your TU world/creatures or even if your just curious how something works.

here’s a list of questions

  • what came first digestive enzymes or digestive bacteria
    (I think enzymes came first like in sponges and bacteria are more for breaking down tough food that enzymes cant)
  • could a organism evolve a digestive track and anus before a branched gastric cavity
    (I ask this because flat worms have a branched GC which had a mouth-anus and every bilateral animal came from them. But I feel it would easy for a non branched CG to evolve a digestion track and anus)


your anus


Uranus is gaseous

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Digestive enzymes are far simpler than a full on digestive bacteria
And also if you are using digestive bacteria your still going to need the enzymes for the smaller things

thank you I find stuff like this hard to google and you never get a solid answer

what is it called when ants and bees look different depending on their job.

Are you referring to castes?

I followed Aron Ra for a while and he leads the phylogeny-exploerer-project.
I am not sure what the state of this ressource is, but it could be usefuld for the devs to figure stuff out. Maybe you can reach out to those guys to get accounts for the devs and have some kind of cooperation.

The project aims to create a browsable hierarchy of all life on our planet and you can see every branching (speciation) in the history of a species. I know that many of the questions about how certain organs and structures evolved can be answered with this.

Is this evolution game Thrive?

That ant bee thing is called Polymorphism.
I was an big ant fan!

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Huh, interesting!