Scientific Experimentation and Genetic Engineering

This post is not meant for researching new technologies on your home planet. This is meant for scientific purposes on other worlds.

Going from planet to planet, you learn more about the planets ecosystems and biospheres. You can name the creatures based on how they live in their habitat. Maybe you could even set up a base, or lab there to further study the creatures.

You could even extract the DNA from certain creatures, then combine different parts from other creatures to make a new one. This could be used to research new medicines or as a weapon. For the weapon part, you could create an extremely hostile creature with increased strength. Then, you could place these creatures on enemy worlds or other planets as an experiment. They could be classified as an invasive species, causing problems to the now unstable ecosystem.

When you discover a new planet, you can name it however you want.

Projects could be conducted to research new technologies.

I hope this will be used in the future game.


Yeah sounds like a cool idea. Messing around with ecosystems and DNA sounds interesting.

I came up with the idea while reading. I thought it would be interesting to toy around with science.

What about making your race bio-mechanical, using machine parts to aid in the biology of their species?

I think those are perfectly reasonable techs to have in the space stage.

It would be interesting to have a spectrum between “purist” species which want to stay the way they evolved and pure ai species which have shed their biological backgrounds completely, as well as everything inbetween.

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