Screenshots save with pause screen

When I make an in-game screenshot, when I copy it into paint, it has the pause screen, even when it wasn’t there when I took the screenshot.

How did you take the screen shot?

I used the print screen button that normally works just fine in other games.

Also I can’t engulf if my main cell can’t engulf in multicellular. I have special cells that are designed to engulf, but the game doesn’t allow them to.

To quote hhyyrylainen:

Take screenshots with F12 instead. Windows print screen function (the one not found in Thrive) is not our fault that it is terrible, you can blame microsoft.


Ok, thanks. Also, I cannot engulf when my starting cell can’t, but the next ones that are made should be able to.

I think thats a known issue.

Yes, that’s known.

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Is it gonna get fixed soon? (If you turn the definition of soon to a month or two)

Only when a dev or somebody works on it which is hard to ascertain. Multicellular is kind of low priority in general and development focus is mostly somewhere else right now.

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