Searching advice for making a special modding API (TModLoader alike)

(EvolvingPyrocell) #1

So, apparently i thought backuping the script folder is kinda too tedious, so i decided to make something that you will be able to install mods, not affecting the game itself. I am looking for advice on how to create something like that (probs gonna talk with blushiemagic as well XD).


Anyone thinking about doing a mod loader now will want to wait until the next release (0.4.0) as that will have a very different way for loading extra scripts.

I think that in order to properly many mods at once the thrive codebase needs to have a bunch of extension points etc. added. And that’s going to take away from actual development of the game (unless someone new offers to do it…). So it may be a long time until a proper mod loader is made that doesn’t rely on replacing files.