Serina and other spec evo stuff

Of you haven’t heard of serina ill post the link to the site here
And if you don’t want to go there ill tell what its aboutit is basically a human experiment, where they terraformed and seeded with live one moon of a gas giant. And it has only one species of land vertebates the domesticated canary and we will see him how he evolves into many niches

I’m extremely confused. Even going to that website made me even more confused.


I think they are talking about a fictional world where one of Jupiter’s moons was seeded with earth life?

not specifically Jupiter, it only said gas giant.
also it follows the evolution of the domestic canary.


You ll be even more confused
@TeaKing and many more species and also when you get to thermocene it gets to real stuff


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What confuses me is your text, @thunder. If I hadn’t gone to the website, I would have understood nil because your summary is full of typos. I know there is a rule for not talking about bad grammar. However, there is another rule for this forum: try to make your text grammatically understandable.

Better? I dont know how else I would else write it. And also it’s probably because I only write here only on mobile.

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This concept remind of some stuff I’ve seen on deviantart: people imagining how a specific animal (be it a crocodile, opposum, elephant, squid, whatever) would evolve to fit in different niche. The results can get very weird.

Here’s an example:

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Have you guys heard of this?

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YES, i like that series, i’m still waiting patiently for part 5.

Hope it does take half of the year like the last one.

Half-Life 3 Confirmed haha

oof Low quality post

hhyyrylainen won’t be happy about this…

New episode is out!

And also if you want more of the dinisauroids here you go

Another episode is out!

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