"Sexual" reproduction in Microbes (Isogamy)

Some Single-Celled Eukaryotas on Earth reproduce both sexually and asexually (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC16239/). Could something like this be added:

For example (sexual reproduction) grants microbes more genetic variety, which in-game could be more Mutation Points.

How could be it done? Second nucleus. Two cells come close to each other and combine membranes. They exchange “sexual” nucleus which results in reproduction.


Didn’t @Untrustedlife mention something like this in the latest podcast?

It definitely sounds like something I’d like to have in the game.


Ah, yes
I too would, uh, like this added
ya know, err, for educational purposes…


I can just imagine it Thrive Rule34


I was reading about plasmids the other day and they are super interesting. Basically some bacteria can swap bits of dna around using a pilus. I think that might be a cool thing to add. If we wanted to be crazy we could even make it give you a random organelle from the thing you swap with, not sure if that would be fun.

Yeah that’s a cool idea. Some bacteria can even take DNA from other dead bacteria.

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