Sexual reproduction

a suggestion: sexual reproduction!, it would be very good to have sexual reproduction, to have more than just 100 mutation points, so…would have a new part that would give more points (like 100 or 50), at the cost of to find a cell with the opposite sexe for reproduction. (note: your gender is random with each evolution) :family_man_woman_girl_boy: :dna:

Mutation points mark maximum changes done to species in a round, so it shouldn’t be increased from 100 (max) to like 200 (far above max)


maybe give a discount on all parts? I think it’s a better idea lol. :person_shrugging:


That should be a feature but not until multicellular stage gets more fleshed out, plus: the earliest sexual reproducers just shot gametes into the currents and didn’t have to find a mate, just sync up their gametes, second: hermaphrodites were also highly common. Also: sexual selection will also come into play and I think that should be the real source of mp. Also also: it’s sexes, not genders, while we may swap the two up the scientific nomenclature is sexes, that’s the one that means what you’re thinking in this situation, and anyone who takes issue with that confuses me.


I’d say that is the better idea. It’s a pretty hard-baked idea that 100 MP is a percentage and not a total, so a discount on things by half or so can be adequate with the penalty of having to find a mate, with congruent effects on auto-evo.

It can serve as a soft-lock as well, with certain things not being affordable until that sexual reproduction discount is applied. Of course, that’s a matter of how LAWK we want to go - I’d wager that’s a pretty standard thing.

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In favour of the discounts is also that it is already literally programmed into the game and used by the multicellular editor to make single cell parts cheaper.