Shin Gojira Invasion (Forum Game)

This forum game is about a form 1 Shin Godzilla that was placed into locations from other franchises (i.e. The Great Valley from The Land Before Time.), and that Form 1 Shin Godzilla like it’s usual has to adapt to the new location thus creating an alternate path from the usual Shin Goji and people are free to draw alternate paths of Shin Godzilla.
Here’s how play this game.

  1. You can only play 1 turn with the Shin Godzilla, and once your turn is over, you have to wait the next round to play again.

  2. Make the evolutionary forms believable like in the original Shin Godzilla film if you are planning on making one

  3. You can only make an evolution form to the Shin Godzilla once the next round begins, and you CANNOT make one mid-round.

  4. The max amount of evolutionary forms will be about 5 (I will extend it in the near future).

  5. If something kills the Shin Godzilla in a lower form the game immediately ends, and a new one begins.

By the way fictional location we are placing this Shin Godzilla in is the Great Valley from The Land Before Time, we are gonna see how this Kaiju would adapt in this world full of large prehistoric animals in it’s first form specifically btw here is a render of it

(credit to godzilla199999 for this render of Shin Godzilla’s first form)