Should pain be added in aware stage?

Now, we know the evolutionary purpose for pain right? In case you do not know, it is so a creature knows they are hurt, so can’t Pain be implemented into thrive in aware stage?

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If you add pain add susness too

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  • yes,

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Depends what you mean by pain. If you mean suffering, it’s not necessary for the animal. But if you mean just being able to tell you’re hurt, I’d say if you aren’t even able to tell of something like that you’re probably not aware, or even a functional animal to begin with. Even cells respond to damage.

I saw some thrive concept art somewhere, and there was a pain meter, and if the pain got to high, the organism would faint.

In some games, mostly fps, there is GUI element called damage indicator which shows which direction damage comes from, and i think it would work well in Thrive as well. It could also have different colors depending on type of damage (poison, neurotoxin, etc).

You will need to develop special neurons to detect pain and touch 1st.

Thrive is now a Pokémon game :stuck_out_tongue: