Shoutbox II

New shoutbox

Hello hhyy

Shoutbox II - New era



the forums are very ded

Individual reply message that came before all other reply messages, with the exception of the first 6 messages, known as “7th”.

The last post was made 2 days ago, holy BELGIUM!


God save the game

Long stay the king

Forever live shoutbox

To create the new shoutbox, did hhyyrylainen need to create a topic? Those shoutbox things are weird

shoutbox works in mysterious ways

So is the hsoutbox a discourse feature? Because i think its a thing made by a thrive programmer or something

There is an admin section where there is a button to create a new chat room by just specifying the title and which groups can see it

So those ‘chat rooms’ are already made shout boxes? I always thought you had to do it yourself

new person

whoa, it’s the new shoutbox!

Shoutbox the second