So everyone's account got deleted?

The recent release drew me back here - and there should be a warning for returners, so we don’t bang our heads against the wall trying to log back in to our old accounts. :pleading_face:

Congratulations on the new version, though! I have faith in the team and will continue to support the game.


Sorry to hear your account got lost. Otherwise said, welcome back, Mouthwash!

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Welcome back, Mouthwash!

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Accounts didn’t get deleted (they still exist on the old forum) but we moved here and the old forum host didn’t allow us to download its data so we had no way of continuing accounts.


Ahh, hello there, Welcome back :slight_smile:

Heh, any of you guys remember me or are you just going by what I said?

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We’re just going by what you said.

Well I hope Oliver at least remembers me. :sob:

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I remember you ! You posted that teeth brushing advice in the TIL thread. I’m always glad to see old users under all these random newcomers :smiley:

Wait was that the one about how you shouldn’t flush your mouth after brushing?

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yeah I still follow that instruction lol


Oh damn everything just comes tumbling back. The changed profile pic confused me, I even considered @Mouthwash being from the old canada boards, since I couldn’t remember that profile pic at all.

I don’t follow the tip though, for some reason my throat will become sore after a while. Might just be my crappy toothpaste.

Anything interesting happen in the past month? I always seem to drift away.