So flight?

In spore the biggest disappointment was finding wings and the putting them on and the result was a TF2 scout double jump effectively? will flight work how it dose in real life or will it exist at all?

Can’t find any threads about it, but I’m pretty sure the consensus is that you will be actually able to fly with wings.

That is good as spore was a huge disappointment

I was never sure why the player was incapable of proper flight in Spore. It was clearly a deliberate choice in what I assume was an effort to balance the player’s abilities, but I was never able to figure out just why that choice was made.

As Hh mentioned, we haven’t really discussed flight; But I assure you that at the very least if the AI can achieve fully fledged flight, so too should the player.

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That sounds good

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I believe the world in Spore was finite with all levels of creatures being loaded in at the very beginning. The developers probably didn’t want the player skipping too a high level area so they nerfed the wings.

After watching 1 Spore speedrun, I can confirm that at least the speedrunning community thinks that the wings were (attempted to be) nerfed due them allowing skipping way too much of the game.

Like accidentally discovering space when you fly a little higher than normal and you’ve skipped the society and indriustial stages!

Ah I see, that makes a lot of sense as spore’s progression seemed to be tied to gradually moving inland in the creature stage. Luckily we won’t have to worry about that in Thrive!

Unless players find some way to exploit flight, achieving escape velocity and reaching the ascension gate while still in multicellular stage.


just kidding - for the lolz…

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