So, how's multicellular stage going?

So I started playing the game recently . Loving it so far! It’s fun and sometimes stress inducing (damn the ATP). The microbial stage seems pretty complete to me, not really a whole lot that I can imagine you can add to it since… it’s microbes. So I was wondering how the multicellular stage is going, around how much progress has been done and such, atleast early multicellular stage. Really excited about this project!

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We haven’t focused any development on it yet, our current focus is on fleshing out the microbe stage to be more enjoyable (That doesn’t always mean more features, but also reworked systems and mechanics). It’s possible some prototypes of this stage will surface in the future, but for now we want to make sure that the game we have is properly fun.

For the most part the multicellular stage is still being planned out, with the early editor system the only thing we have fleshed out in writing. The editor in particular takes a lot of careful consideration as it’s layout and mechanics serves as the backbone of future stages.

I’m pretty excited for multicellular too…


@Buckly answered this well, but I’ll also drop the link to our major feature backlog for microbe stage features:

And we have over 350 bugs / concretely planned features waiting for programming work to be done on them: Thrive Planning · GitHub

Seeing the progress updates from a few months ago, it seems to be going well, with 3D cell membranes being developed, as well as concept art for multicellular organisms using in-game textures.

Ah, fair enough then. The way y’all are handling this is pretty great, actually fleshing out stuff before adding new stuff… Thanks


A lot of the microbe stage mechanics will also compose the early multicellular stage too, so the better and more realistic the microbe stage is, the better the multicellular stage will be. And so on for multicellular stage and the aware stage, and so on and so on.