So, I'm back, back again

Well, this game has gotten surprisingly far last time I saw it! I have known about Thrive for a very long time, at least 6 years. I joined the forums when I was 12 or 13, but I only stayed for a few months, not having any notable skills that I could contribute. Admittedly, not much has changed in that regard (Unless you want me to print Hello World in Python – then I’m your man :sunglasses:). However, I recently had a revived interest in this game, and now want to try my best to be more involved. I might not be able to code or make music, but I would like to help with whatever odd jobs that would help. In particular, I am interested in community outreach. How is that going?


Hello, @Namesarefortheweak1! Welcome back to the community!

Welcome to the community!
I can’t code well either!

Welcome! i hope you stay forever, and ever and ever and never ever leave us again creepy smile
lol in all serriousness welcome back!