So, I've decided to redesign a spec creature of mine that is based on someone's dragon OC (+ description)

The original design of that the spec creature that it is based off of belongs to SampleDragon at DeviantArt, feel free to support him (or her) or don’t it’s your choice.

Here is the design of what my spec creature is based off of.

Here’s my first ever version of this spec creature (I never really liked the first version)

Here’s version 2 a lot cuter but still cool in my opinion and by far my favorite design.

and now the one you all have been waiting for, Version Tres now very faithful to it’s source material, but still being scientifically plausible at the same time. Also I did say there’s a description on this creature, so here it is.

The Sample Dragons are small cat-sized generalists feeding on about anything that they could get their opposable wings on, and this is why my great grandfather known as “Rodin” researched these dragons as they’re his favorite species of dragon, once put in the genus of “Psittacogryphus”, but then Rodin found out that there’s major differences between the 2 genera and thus Samplidraco was discovered. Also surprisingly they’re about as smart as in-between a crow and an elephant, with opposable wings of which allows them to grasp onto anything. Also this creature lead inspiration to a certain artist on DeviantArt. But a long believed myth that was started by my Great Grandfather was that they can shapeshift, though this was tested back into 2005 where the results came out negative as they cannot do such a thing, but instead they change color.

Oh yeah one more thing they close their eyes due to them having to protect them during the day and open them at night

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