So uh, I have set up a patreon

I’ve set up a Patreon to support my programming efforts on various things (Including thrive). While it isn’t all for Thrive, it will help me personally spend more time working on it and my other stuff :slight_smile:


I’d give you money!

If I had money
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Guys, my patreon is now more focused on thrive: If you can spare some cash (which you keep begging us to allow) support me on patreon if you want :slight_smile: , it would definetly support development. (at least by me)

Note, i made it so the super supporter tier (5$ or more) can download the up-to-date indev version of thrive and try it out.

While you are it, why not also follow me on twitter.

I’d give $5 dollars to play the latest version

If there was a version for mac

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RIP mac users. I dont think there is going to even be a 0.4.0 mac version. Unless someone goes ahead and compile sit on there. But i could be wrong.

Unfortunately due to many of the libraries we use having a pretty shaky mac version and the whole deal with metal API it would take quite a bit of actual work.

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