Society Simulation Social Experiment

Same, afterwards I would like some cooked meat because I’m probably hungry right now.

I’m more of an insectivore myself, being a Slugcat and all.
Oh look, a spider!
throws a spear at it and the spider explodes into a bunch of baby spiders that turn into a coalescipede
gets swarmed by the coalescipede and dies

It will take 20 stamina to get each log, but you can halve the cost with the new logging tech I just added: Technology | Inter-Dimensional Nation Wiki | Fandom

Oh I meant just gathering sticks, obviously getting whole logs without an axe wouldn’t be very efficient.

So have I earned any TP since I joined?

Yes, through general progress you have been awarded 1 TP. Your next major milestone would be setting up a camp. Do you want me to create a fandom page documenting your afflitations and TP count?

I will use sticks and stones to build an hut to use as a center of operations.

Please yes, that would be amazing.

We’ll need housing tech, which costs 8 TP, so let’s go burn some animals to get TP and food!

I’m going to join in your mass slaughter after eating some cooked meat.

Never mind it costs 7, also why is this going so slow?

The game admin isn’t really active here, which sucks, as this is very interesting.

I am back and created your account Account 1: aviancreature | Inter-Dimensional Nation Wiki | Fandom

Finally, thank you.
So have we gotten anything from hunting?