Society Simulation Social Experiment

I have a social experiment I am running personally to see how people will build a society and run one online, through digital, text-only interactions.
I created a wiki to both run entries and to simulate a society that is interdimensional(but varying in technology from region to region)
Just a notice, everyone is (supposed to be )working together, but there is a catch, people can betray, manipulate, destroy, sabotage, and kill as they want(so long as it complies with either the forum rules, fandom rules, or both). I, as the controller of this experiment may add in events(alien invasions, apocalypse, diseases, gold rush, alien race discovery, nuclear accident). The goal is to see if humans will band together, if they will kill each other, and whether being online will change anything. To run the experiment well, please do what you would truly do, whether it is good or not, because otherwise the experiment would fail because people are all working together without full want(For emphasis, just do whatever your guts tell you).
Poll about technology development:

  • Modern Society development
  • Start from scratch- No technology, beginning of civilization
  • Historical startpoint(1900 A.D.)
  • Interdimensional civilization startpoint
  • Other(please state in replies)

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Poll about where to host the society on:

  • Wiki(will be linked if voted on)
  • Thrive Forums
  • Both(Will be hard to do though)

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Note that technology will not be in use or little in use if we begin at the interdimensional civilization, however the amount of resources and exploring you can do will rise dramatically(vote interdimensional if looking for an economic simulation, vote start from scratch if you want a very long game that will eventually become economic).


Just to make the game interesting(hopefully keep players in this experiment, and not make them leave or go inactive), we will begin with a startiing territory known as Booga Booga (yes, totally original). If you would like to join, please reply, and we will begin within 1 day.

I´d be up to join. Have´nt played in a forum game for ages.

I will play (I will unite mankind under a singular empire)

i will join too, it s look intresing (and as a jugpe)

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How do you plan on doing that?

I think war crimes. :grinning:

Its not a crime if you kill all witnesses

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What if you committed genocide but you already killed all the witnesses of said genocide in the genocide?

Then you have genocided the most genocidal genocide to ever genocide.

Also how did you get your hands on my (forum game) plans?

A magician never reveals their secrets.

I will link the wiki just for data about resources, crafting, and many other rules here: Inter-Dimensional Nation Wiki | Fandom (you must click on “all pages” to reach the key information). The only catch that is different from the wiki is that we will be having a different system of “time”, and time will be "“semi-real-time” meaning that when the simulation host, me, is online, the game time is automatically real-time, and while I am offline, time is manually updated and may not sync with real-time

I’ll join

The game will now begin, although registration is still open

Ok, the game now begins with our starting territory. As the host of this experiment, I will trigger and force players to take action with an event. All infomation about the game can be accessed in the wiki.
Event: Wolf Initiative Invasion
Attack direction: Brigade(bunched in a group and charging in)
Invasion number: 6
What invasion consists of: 6 wolves(forest wolf stats can be found on the bottom of this wiki page: Forest Biome | Inter-Dimensional Nation Wiki | Fandom)

You never told us how much damage we can do.

Again, it is on the wiki. But for convenience, you have not researched stone tools(available on the wiki, again: Technology | Inter-Dimensional Nation Wiki | Fandom)

Oh, I didn’t see the one damage per punch on the wiki, in that case I’ll try to climb up the nearest tree, and try to impale them with thrown branches.

Even though that was never mentioned, from my past experience, I should not make the rules to rigid. In other words, I am allowing that, as the rules simply exist as a guide and to add to the “authenticity” of viewing an online database. The actual gameplay is based off the rules, but also based off of roleplay.

You deal 3 damage to the 1st wolf and 4 to the second. The wolves howl, alerting over the other wolves.
Just to alert the other players back to the game to fight the wolf invasion: @MedicGaming @Null @doomlightning @fralegend015
Note: if you do not want to be pinged again, simply be more active