Some art (Part 2)

So, I haven’t been drawing in a while, but here it is. This is from the TU Reboot Reboot.

It looks a little sloppy, but I made this at around 12 AM. (The legs aren’t finished because of that.) If anyone cares to redraw this and message me, I don’t mind.


Looks great so far!

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Thank you!

I’m actually working on another part of it right now.

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it looks a little too cute for an Apex predator but thats just me.

I love the design, even though it is incomplete here. Just one question, those things on his lower head part, are it´s eyes?

Yes, those are its eyes. The top part of the head is actually the jaw.
It’s basically a reversed head, like if the jaw of a human was the forehead.

Now that I look at it, it does look a little cute.

Maybe the eyes should have an actual pupil?

I was thinking that it could be like that, but i didn’t wanted to assume so fast, so is better having your response, thanks.

You’re very welcome.

Imo, it’s not a bad thing that it’s cute. This is an alien organism. Our concepts of ‘cute’ and ‘scary’ don’t apply to it. A sapient from this things planet (I know there aren’t any, but still) would think this thing was terryifing/awe-inspiring, like we do with, say, lions. Likewise, those sapients could see our lions as cute

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I just thought of a baby version of this thing. I would name it Pepper.

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Alright everybody, I finally have a full body version of this thing.

Drekken'oni Version 2


I decided to make it look more, well, predator like. And it looks way better than the last version because the first one was done at 12 AM.

Much more predator-y looking now, Although I almost think it would be scarier without eyes.

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So I havent been here in awhile, but heres the latest thing i’ve drawn. This is not thrive related in anyway, just though i’d show it.

Can anyone guess who this is?

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It’s Monsieur LackOfTeeth, from the FantasyWorks movie, A Guide to Taming your Wyvern


Bingo, we have a winner!

Heres a more enhanced photo of Monsieur LackOfTeeth.