Some ideas on extinction events and tracking of species

So this is mostly a feature i guess would only begin work at later stages, but i think it would be cool if we could see a sort of diagram that shows different species, their evolution and if they are alive or extinct. Like say you progress through some ages then are like, i wonder if that species is still alive then you can pop up a diagram and see if it is still alive and what it evolved from.

Would also like to see different big extinction events that can happen randomly which will force you to adapt fast or end up dying out. It could also help change how species will evolve and look, as the atmosphere and plant levels and other stuff like that , which can really change how a species will evolve.
As an example: lets say a vulcanic eruption starts and there is lots of Co2, oxygen decrease and plant life and animal life in general die. Then species (both ai and the player) will need to adapt and go from say a huge herbivore to something smaller that can also hide from toxic fumes, etc.

Only important thing is to make it so its not too easy to survive, so it is just an annoyance but not too hard so its almost flat out impossible to survive. But make it in the middle so that it provides a challenge you need to take seriously but not something that is almost guaranteed to kill off your species. but also make it so that it forces species that are superior to either die out or go to something that is not as good, which can lead to a huge shifting of power. (just like the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs, made the dinosaurs go from being superior to dying out and letting the mammals take over)
It would also be cool if say you get into industrial and pump out lots of Co2 then there is bigger change for say a big drought or rapid heating.

example’s of extinction event: supermassive vulcano, asteroid, atmosphere change,rapid heating, rapid cooling, droughts, massive earthquakes, super virus, and more.’

just some thoughts i had, hope it can help inspire for some cool and challenging gameplay mechanics

  • Did you mean something like a tree?
Mockup by Narotiza

  • Disasters are already planned (at least that’s what the wiki says, it’s very outdated) and they’re going to be present since the Microbe Stage.

yes, like a tree that shows all the species and their ancestors, kinda like how you can see the tree in christianity go from the one thing to splitting into lots of different things (only tree i could think of lol),

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