Some Release Date?

Do you guys have some release date for “Aware Stage”? srry im new here, i actually don’t know if you have it or no

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(Sorry ten character limit.)

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the game is almost ready to go into multicellular stage some time next year perhaps so probably in 2020- 25

One of the big things for the Aware stage is building the editor (which is basically like building Blendr or something) and then doing the inverse kinematics for the creatures (working out how they should move based on their shape). Those are both hugely difficult problems which will take a LONG time.

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At least Thrive is being worked on a lot more than Yandere Simulator, a full 4 years and it doesnt even have a simple character in it…

No need to belittle other projects here. In comparison, one could just as easily say that Species ALRE is coming along faster than Thrive. After all, we are currently still in the first stage, after quite a few years of work. I guess this is the price you have to pay for such ambitious goals, although personally I can’t wait for the Organism Editor. If it turns out to be what it is planned to become, according to the Wiki, it could easily become one of the most marketable features of the game. Might even be able to give it a try on Steam at this point, if you should choose to go this way.


Can it be? Almighty Spode?

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