Something cool happened! (You tell me)

We discuss something cool (using that term loosely) that happened today or any other day and people either top it off with something cooler or get frustrated with their boring life.

I should start so hhyrylainen doesn’t get mad at me. It was a winter day and I was about 11 years old, and I was preparing to go to school. I ran out because it was getting late and slipped and fell on the parking lot. I didn’t feel anything and walked to school like any other day. When I got there, my friends were giving me strange looks and asking me if I was OK. Then one kid told me to touch my cheek and when I touched it and looked back at my fingers, they were bloody. It turned out that when I fell on the icy pavement, my cheek was injured and started bleeding, but I guess the cold made my nerves sleep and the sensation never reached my brain. That’s how it ends. Pretty cool, right?

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I was playing with my dog until she bit me in the heel and it started bleeding. I put a Yoda bandaid on it so it could heal. Pretty cool, right?

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This is my 886th post. Just a few posts to go until omnipotence rank, cool huh?


I came 1st on a 200cc Mario Kart race, so there’s that…


If I don’t constantly reply, this thread is gonna die. Umm… I bought spore galactic adventures on steam with 6$ bundle pack, including creepy & cute part pack during steam summer sale. I saved a whopping 34$ (+tax) and I feel like 10$ should be base price. What a steal, right?