Something is wrong about how quantumcrab returned

Did anyone notice that he said he knew where someone lived, and that is creepy since there was a photo of a home, and the photo was titled thisisawarning

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Well, that obviously made me curious, as I’m addicted to internet mystery videos. I did an image analysis and these are my conclusions:

  • The photo appears to be of an American suburb during the autumn

  • Analyzing his language on the forums, he appears to be an American, that is, it is highly likely that it is the photo of the street he lives on

  • Messing with the saturation and brightness, I didn’t find any message or code in the image, or anything suspicious

FINAL CONCLUSION: He was just doing a little trolling


thanks for the conclusion, because I looked out the window to make sure he was not taking a photo

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Nah, that’s one more thing for Zenzone to do, not him

i thought that quantumcrab was australian

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Oh it makes more sense

get angry because I thought I was the only person below the tropic of capricorn who knew about the existence of thrive

I can’t believe quantum crab would do this, he must be stopped


Only time will tell, I guess.

and you have returned!!!