Space habitats!

why would you make the effort to set up a colony on a planet just to dump your waste onto it instead of just dumping it into the depths of space?

No use for that unless you’re planning to terraform it from scratch

space junk , that messes with space stations, for example

Well, It has animals that grew from cells, which ate fungi cells

“Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.”

― Douglas Adams
Kessler syndrome only applies to planetary, and maybe, in highly extreme cases, solar systems or interstellar laser highways. just throw the trash in deep space where no ones going to mind (or even an oort cloud, no one would ever mind that). actually, you’d prolly either feed the trash to self-replicators, or throw it in a pile. a nylon net could hold trillions of pounds (or kilos, who cares “trillions” is a pretty inaccurate metric) of trash together in an empty orbit. hell, build an Aldrin cycler on one!


I had found two other types of space habitats: the Diskworlds



And the Topopolis


I don’t know how plausible are these two…

Both are perfectly plausible with carbon allotropes. topopolis wouldnt be as thick as the image makes it look by the way. Disk world would have nonsensical gravity, there’s a good number of videos on the topic lf you want to learn more I could reference one.

As long as isn’t one of SFIA (because i saw almost all videos about space habitats that Isaac made)

Isnt Earth’s orbital speed, like, 18.5 miles an hour or something?

i thought is was 18 KPS

Actually, it’s 29.78 km/s.

oh so faster. still far faster than 18 miles an hour

what type of rocket should we make?

  • DIY (any type no parts for you)
  • not diy(like minecraft crafting recipe)

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Considering how creativity-oriented Thrive is, we should definitely have KSP(2) style rocket building.

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so you pick “DIY (any type no parts for you)”

I voted DIY, but actually designing technologies is the one place in Thrive where premade parts make sense. So I’m very much in favour of adding them, but also allowing detailed customization for players who want a single Thrive playthrough to last 50 hours.


I agree, also, i think a mix of the two options would work, too.