Space habitats!

Considering that in Spore there’s a lack of it, and that Thrive would be more “realistic”, i’m thinking if that if wouldn’t be a bad idea to allow the players to built some kind of space habitats when they reach the Space Stage, especially in stellar systems where there is a lack of terraformable and habitable planets.
So, what kind of Space Habitats we are talking about?

Space Habitats

O’Neill cylinder

Stanford torus

McKendree cylinder

Bishop Ring

Bernal sphere

Terrarium (space habitat)


Banks’ Orbital

Rotating Space Habitat

That kind…so, what do you think about this idea?

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DEFINITELY. hmm: Banks orbital is implausible without, idk, magic? Bubble world If I’m not mistaken only has “gravity” around the equator and as such is kinda useless, also you’re forgetting topologies, tiered designs (so a gravity gradient) and I guess sticking a living space on the end of a stick instead of on a ring, though idk why you’d do that.

I’m pretty sure everyone here will be using the same source, and of you aren’t just check out SFIA anyways, it’s a great channel and generally very accurate. Much recommend.

So, most of those are basically the same mechanism:

Artificial gravity cylinders/rings


This last one is just a bunch of mckendree cylinders tied together that can detach when needed

Built around a planet/star

This one is interesting, because it looks like a Dyson sphere that you can live on.

Space station design


But other than that, yea, I think it’s a good idea, I also think there should be star engines in the game, (a star engine is an engine that can push a star and presumably, an entire solar system).


Wiht active support you can effictively build anything almost.

…how does that work for a Banks orbital? If we just needed a ring around a star, yes, active support would prolly do the trick, but reminder: it needs to spin a significant percentage of lightspeed. How does active support handle that? Like, if thats possible I seriously want to know.

Active support substitutes material strength with energy. It works for every structure in need of some extra tensile/shear/elastic strength
For example there arent materials strong enough to build space towers, but with active support you could build such a thing, a space fountain to be exact.

What does? lol I dont think anything needs to do that

It’s about rpm, and it doesn’t really need to spin that fast. The idea is the larger the structure the slower it needs to spin.

The bigger it is the lower the rpm, not speed. Reminder: to produce earth like gravity in a smallish space station the speed would be on the order of 10 to 100 mph (just double those for kilometers you barbaric civilized majority of the world), compare that to Earth’s orbital speed. Given That we’re in a stable orbit you can tell that speed is nowhere near high enough to produce earth like gravity.
Edit: a standard banks orbital rotates 356 times faster than the earths orbit

Earths orbit is 30km/s
Banks orbital at 3mil km diameter is 113km/s so not 356 faster but 4 times faster for earth gravity

I think you have an uncomplete understanding of orbit and gravity , gravity isnt made by the orbit but by the earth.
A banks orbital uses centrifugal gravity which is different from what earth has as gravity.

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Where did you get this 4 times stat? Also I know how centrifugal force works, I was basing my number on the fact that to achieve an earth like spin gravity a Banks orbital need one rotation per day, and the earth goes around the sun once a year, which is about 365 days, so yk, math and stuff later, you get the numbers I used.
Edit: never said gravity was made by orbit just said that an orbit at that speed necessarily wouldn’t work.

You can look up centrifugal force calculator on google and see the numbers

Megastructures: Ringworlds - YouTube here everyone watch this

You should watch/link the megastructures compendium one

great video yepp, just put this one in cause its what we’re arguing about

I dont remember ,does it talk about banks orbitals?

Oh, now y’all got me desperate to be able to make these within my lifetime

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I though that Banks orbitals were smaller than Ringworlds (you know? that megastructure that surrounds a star?), so, i put it here as an example of space habitat.

oph. im so dumb. whelp banks orbitals are resonableish. thought we were talking about a ringworld

what about a waste land biome?
A barren planet with no resources deemed “useless” by some space civilization, instead used for dumping waste in?

that doesn’t sound like a space habitat