Space opera thing

Brought out by our shenanegains in “One sentence story building.” Not hating on the gang’s intent for fun, but I think I can make this blossom into its full potential. Dont worry, the pancakes will be there too.
Everything will serve a purpose - amirite, the original system, the moon impact, the Qu invasion (which, in this timeline, is a stand-in for the Black Plague), I could go on.
What i want to focus on now, however, is who Mark and Jake are. What are they like? What do they like? What were their pasts? How do we get to care for them?


space opra

List of characters that made an appearance in the other forum game:
  • Amirite Meteorite

  • The planet

  • Humans

  • The Qu

  • Mark (regular, zombie, vanished, interdimensional, pomegranate tree, Alexander 1, Alexander fused, waternapplegranate tree, watermelon tree)

  • Jack (regular, pineapple tree, innocent among is crewmate bro)

  • Watermelon Tree

  • Godzilla

  • Darth Vader

  • Emperor Palpetine (regular, pomegranate tree)

  • Persephone

  • Flesh Tree

  • Moon Amogus

  • Light Being

  • Kirby

  • God

  • A worm

  • Mark’s Therapist

  • Mark’s Mom

  • Flesh Pineapple

  • Nigel

  • Alexander’s Tiger

  • EBay Cameraman

  • EBay dude

  • Hazor (sun god/goddess)

  • Lumen, lightbulb god

  • Audience

  • Audience member

  • Jesus Christ

  • True Amogus

  • Shorter than average man

  • Alexander Hamilton

  • Bob

  • Crewmates

  • Jane

  • Red frogs

  • British soldiers in furry hats

  • Thanos, god of dreams

  • Rumpelstiltskin (regular, pineapple head)

  • Katarzyna

  • Stanley (regular, Alexander, Reeeeee)

  • George Washington

  • Dog

  • Pancake Man

  • Mysterious voice

  • Orange Man (regular, flesh)

  • Imposter

  • Banana Pancake Men


what is this thread for?

Read into the first 30 posts or so of One sentence story building, and my post on Space Opera in that same thread.

Other than that, it’s just making a space opera from that thread.

what is a space opera…

A space opera… it’s a science fiction story that emphasizes space warfare with use of melodramatic, risk-taking space adventures and chivalric romance.

You already know good examples. Hitchhiker’s Guide, Starship Troopers, Valerian

ill start.
a couple months ago in a galaxy pretty close to here. the galactic alliance was trying its best to join the as many planets into there domain. whether it be by diplomacy, or force. we begin our story on CHARA U which many people call the Florida of the galaxy. we come across a young kalmander farmer by the name of tlep nepter. dreaming of bigger things

This is not a forum game. There aren’t any rules here. I think that the OP wants to write the Space Opera them self.

Nono, Im open to collaboration. And the Kalmander thing is very Valerian, I love it.

Ok. Sorry for disinformation.

what is valerian. i havent heard of that

I cant tell you much, except that most argue that the intro was the only good part Was it this? I don’t know the English title tho. That’s why it’s in Polish.

That’s right, it was an anime…
I was talking about the movie

is anybody going to add to the story?

i made a info chart but i need help. its for us to organize it better
i just let you in underfish

Dont worry, we’re gonna work on it whenever we can

you like it then? is that a yes?

Gimme a sec, i have to find the email