Specialized cells?

The multicellular stage is going to feature specialized cells, right? As in you being able to edit each cell in your colony, but you can add new parts specifically to that cell (like nerve cell parts/axons, or cnidae/"stinging cell organelle"s to make your cells into “nerve cells”, “stinging/attack cells”, “muscle cells”, etc?

I really hope so lol, Multicellular stage is gonna be sick


That’s what I am thinking it is going to be like, but it might be something differently

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Ok, thank you so much

Specialized cells will come about in the early multicellular stage. But it won’t be until the later multicellular stage where the player switches to placing tissue (instead of individual cells) that nerves and muscles make their appearance. So early on specialization will be like (this is just my opinion) having a cell type for energy generation, defense / offense, and for getting food.


In the development build 2/25/2023, there are axons and myofibrils.

gotta love a good necropost