Specialized civilisations

  1. Thing i m going to NO UNDERWATE CIVS.

1st special civ desert civ .Well the social stage it will be the same like in evwry othet game .but in the industrial it could be intrestring like there could be underground cities. Fortresses coming up and down from desert. Why underground cities? Well under deserts there are is water.
Feel free to expanand

I really like the idea of civs being different depending on their biology and the planet they are on, I think that’s so important to keep continuity with the other stages.

A desert planet (or very dry planet) would be interesting because there would be a lot of competition for water, that would define the game. On a world like Earth it would very rarely be considered.

If not underwater civs what about amphibious civs? Surely they can build underwater cities from the start :slight_smile:


Amphibious civs are OK.

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Like the Gungans in Star wars?


I think a good place for an amphibious civ to develop would be in an archipelago. Swimming between land masses would probably spawn a decent number of amphibious creatures that something my develop sentience.

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Or on planet like Venus will be competitions for caves (if life will be there).

Fun fact there was water on Venus. But due to some stuff in became hot.

Good scenario about natural disaster on dry planet

This is a kinda related question. What if the conditions that a species is given makes it either impossible or extremely difficult to make it to the space stage? “An example?” I hear you say! Well what I have in mind is rouge planets or extremely cold planets. Obviously there is other limiting factors that life could have this is just the one that came into my head. Uncoincidentally Kurzgesagt made a video on what this means for life, which is intriguing I’ll admit, but I’m thinking about more of a gameplay viewpoint. Will it even be feasible for a player to get so intelligent and then slowly die out due to its own planet? Anyway here’s the video. Comments, questions, and concerns?

Playing on a planet where you can’t beat the game. Or it is very difficult to do so. Should come with a big warning asking if the player is sure they want to start the game with that setting.

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The first game will be training and sample, player must win the first game. After reaching the gates player will can to change the characteristics of planet and surviving on these planets

So more… difficulty based? That makes sense. Follow up question to your answer; will there be multiple game files?
If there isn’t: would you switch control of multiple species in the same universe?
If there is: would it be in the same universe?

Edit: i switched them up accidentally

I can’t tell you about multiple files, this is a matter of developers
If I’ll be developer, it will be different galaxies.

I thinked about this video last night

Aliens under the Ice – Life on Rogue Planets

and found way to have a civilization under water. We have creatures like octopuses, that live near the hydrothermal vent. It can moves with jet thrust, and because the planet is so cold, most part of creatures have blue or colorless blood. Our creatures have red blood. To move, they collect gas from the sources. If planet is so warm, we will have a liquid metan. Metan is explosive. When it collecting gas, metan is explodes (in small volume). And who says, we need in iron? We can find analogue of iron, that will melt in colder( like gallium or mercury).

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