Species behaviors

There should be a tree where you can change your species action like making them cannibalist,have a special style of mating,plant seeds,when you click on the behavior it show you a tree that you can change your species behaviors so there are no dramatic changes.
To change the species behavior you need points that are like genetic points.

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Yeah that’s the behavior editor, I think

Totally agree, but the behavior could also be generated accrding to your gameplay, a lifestyle for your species, and yes, an effort will be needed to change the behavior so it is also plausible.

Last I remember is a hyrid approach to other members of the player’s species mimicking behaviors and using the Behavior Editor as Louix pointed out was considered the ideal. I don’t know if that’s still true or not. But we’re still a ways off from that part of the game.

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I think that should be worked into how you play, for example: if you eat a lot of your own species, your species wil slowly become cannibalistic

Necro time.
This thread seemed to only talk about cannibalism then stop so I’m gonna bring something else up. How would blind creatures act? If they are only hearing based (didn’t evolve a way to smell) would they just attack anything they hear, or would there be a way for them to tell each other apart? I find hearing base blind creature interesting which is why I brought this up.

Honestly, it would be evolutionarily advantageous to have smell, as smells still exist underground. Cave organisms are blind because there’s no light to detect, so why have a complex eye? However, advanced echolocation can tell a lot about how the air moves and creatures speak.