Species creator ideas

I was thinking for the 3D parts of the game you should add a sculpting feature for
Every part of the species like sculpting the arms the legs the body the head the
Extra parts and basically everything being sculpted, also for people who aren’t
The best at sculpting but want to make a cool creature maybe add default parts
For them to use

This has been discussed before here:

I also remember agreeing with having default “parts” that people who don’t like sculpting could use instead. But even that wouldn’t be like dragging around parts like in Spore.

Are we reaching the point where ther are no ideas left

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yes and no, its more like at this point in development we have asked most of what we can but when the new versions come out there should be meany question and ideas being asked about.

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Well it’s mostly just that all the “basic” questions have already been asked and discussed (what would the species editor look like, can we do an underwater civ, etc.), but when new people join they don’t know that and start talking about whatever is on their mind, which has usually already been discussed