Spectral Discussion 1

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Post questions here. In the Gc.

Interesting to have a public OOC instead of a private dm…

Interesting - I forgot to mention it earlier, but I was surprised we played physical characters - I expected more metaphysical/spirit guide esque mechanics.

Anyway so Permadeath is a thing, that’s…fun

Not saying I necessarily disagree but it does require some serious replanning from my current method of ‘wander around and do random crap ‘til I become powerful’ like I did in immortal

Speaking of dms

  • Private votes with power score
  • Public votes

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Perma death is only if you dont have descendants.

@GodOfKnowledge is my human supposed to have soul of aqua reptile? If not, is it possible to recover it?


No, I dont belive you have an aquatic soul

When you say ‘I choose your first power and you choose the rest’ can we choose literally anything or does it have to somehow be related to our circumstances or something?

(Also only 3 power slots right? I think that’s what you said just double checking)

@everyone, expect a new round tomorrow. I will have your characters each have seperate backstoriea.

Why isnt this a dm ?

So others could see and join