Speed of emails

Today I’ve tried to use mailgun for email delivery from this forum to see how well it works. They offer 10000 free emails per month so that should be enough for some time at least. But the test emails I sent to myself I received after 5 minutes. But the upside should be that emails sent through them has a lower chance of ending up in spam folders.

From the email logs I saw that a few new users registered or reseted their passwords. I’d like to know how long did you need to wait for the emails and if they didn’t go to your spam folder?

About 5 minutes

I’ve been looking at the mail logs and they show that the latest emails were sent within a minute. So maybe it being slow for you was because you were one of the first ones to get emails from the new system.

I received the email in less than 10 seconds

That’s good. From what I’ve been looking at the logs the more it seems like there were some initial hiccups for some reason.

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Hmm, weird

It was instant for me, so…

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took me a minute or so, could also be affected by our internet speed’s by chance?

Probably, I mean, it must depend on where you live no ?

I don’t think it should. The email service this forum currently uses has an email queue, which seems a bit inconsistent in how long an email takes to actually be sent. Once sent it will arrive at the mail provider you use within seconds.

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Well I live basically on the opposite side of the world to england