Spinning pinwheel of death. Thrive Bug/Feature observation

I would imagine other users have spotted this before. But in my time playing the current version of the game I have come across a somewhat overpowered strategy.
The ability for cells to bind to one another whist still having the same turn rate allows you to create a long chain and spin it around quickly sweeping a large radius around you.
If your species has spikes this can be deadly to just about anything that you can fit on screen.
I would be almost sad to see this go, but I think perhaps giving larger cells some kind of inertia to their turn rate would be warranted ? perhaps basing the turn rate of a colony based on the locomotive abilities of the cells that make it up ?
I am new and don’t really know how WIP this feature is. I noticed that doing a lot of this resulted in a crash but did not save the popup.


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This has been discussed before, I read a thread with a helicopter-spike-plant used as and example, and I believe there is a plan to add some kind of physics to make this not as powerful. I’m not the most versed in the future plans for thrive tho


You can track this issue here:

It is marked as “started but stuck” in the Planning Board

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ya, they be adding mass and a physics engine to change it i think.