Spore vs E.V.O The Search For Eden the definitive WWW

I think it’s time to finally found out which game about evolution is better a 1v1 to see who is better. First of all both games do hold a place in my heart, but Spore I have more memories of because I have watched more Spore gameplays than Evo gameplays, not that because I hate Evo it’s that I have known about Evo much later than Spore, but as for logos I have to sadly give it to EVO as Spore’s Logo has gotten oversimplified before logo oversimplification became big, but I do love the cute little galaxy on Spore’s logo. As for franchise point goes Spore as now both EVO and Spore are 1 to 1. The possibilities of your creature? Spore yet again as it gives you unlimited possibilities, and works very great with mods thus giving you more options for your creature whereas in EVO you have to pick a certain part and you cannot have that new part alongside the old one. So uh now it’s 2 points for Spore and looks lie Evo might lose, unless there is a match that it does well.
Well onto the Stages, well both of them have 5 stages, but how well do both games do these 5 stages? Well Spore is literally just the Ascent of Man but in a video game with the extensions of building a city and going to space, while EVO has this more of a Geologic timeline type evolution where you can travel to the different eras of Earth’s history, so point goes to EVO. Well, I think it’s time for the tiebreaker round, the villains of the game.
I love the idea of Evo’s final boss being a shapeshifter, but you have to fight the same bosses but now they are harder, while in Spore there is the Grox so point goes to Spore.
The winner is: Spore

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I would give it to EVO The Theory of Evolution due to how insane it’s story is and because of the potential as well as having some actually appealing designs.

I loved E.V.O The search for Eden

I feel the previous game “E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution” is even more wild

I am actually thinking about trying out EVO The Theory of Evolution