Stage concepts

(OrganismOverlord) #1

Lets post concepts for the different stages so we can get a visual on how the game could look like. We don’t need concepts for the microbial stage, but heres a list of the ones we do need.

  • Multicelluar stage - animals, biomes, wildlife, flora, etc

  • Aware stage - same thing as mutlicelluar

  • Awakening stage - hut designs, tools and weapons, clothing, cave painting, tribal designs for sapiens

  • Society stage - same thing as awakening

  • Industrial stage - vehicles, aircraft, newer clothing, inventions

  • Space stage - spaceships, space centers, alien astronauts, planet exploration, etc

You can make a concept for whatever stage you please, but if we wanna go in order here, then go ahead. I’ll be following along with my own concepts if anyone else makes some.

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #2

Multicelluar (this is an game)

(OrganismOverlord) #3

Holy moly! Thank you for this, Kiky.

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #4

Dont thank me its from an game named Cell Lab. also if i draw on paper how whoud i send u them

(OrganismOverlord) #5

When you said " an game" I thought you meant “in game”.

You can just take a picture of it through your phone and send it to me. I’ve been doing the same, including @jellyfishmon.

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #6

My sis just got a phone and is drawing she goes by the name @AnimalArmy

(𝒦𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝑜𝒻 𝒯𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈) #8

If that’s the case, welcome to the forums AnimalArmy!


thanks :grin:

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Welcome to the forums!

EDIT: Oops, I replied to BowlDawg instead of AnimalArmy.

In any case, welcome to the forums anyway!


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(1o ChArCaters)



(Untrustedlife) #14

I like it.

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #15

I was at my grandmas got bored and draw thees 4 drawings

Im open for critisizm

(OrganismOverlord) #16

These are pretty good!

(Untrustedlife) #17

Very nice.

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #18

Can someone help me how to Fotograf it looks like the inside of a dungeon?

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #19

i think these arent that good

Ya'll need some of me?