Star Wars thread

Why did you spoil the last movie like that. I haven’t watched it yet.

Woops, sorry. I didn’t catch… hmmmm… Damn!

Plagueis was Sidious master. More powerful than sidious when he died and probably more powerful in general. Plagueis was the original overlord. Afaik Sidious didnt fake death…
If sith are dead, this is just a RE WRITE of the real sequels, no problem if sw ended in ep VI.

“Rey” is an equivalent of the actual Rey. Not the same rey, it would probably be different in a parallel universe, i just used the name for reference. And what’s the problem with a guy trying to still be alive? Its a good plot i think. And he fails anyway, so its just a detail can be removed.

Luke died in TLJ, and in a epic way too. If luke died similarly in my version its still good right?
ANTICLIMATIC? Both almost ruin with the war, and learned with their past errors. Combine this with a balance of the force, and you get this.
The sith and jedi fight because of a historical reason. The ancient ancient “jedi” banned the ones who studied the dark side, and they were exiled. RESULT? Sith! The most specialized in the use of the dark side! If they didn’t want to ban each other from the universe before, the peace i said would already exist.

But i got your idea.
Although I didn’t include much details, as i haven’t enough time, but I will do a better and more detailed version soon.
Thanks for the feedback, though!

I mean, I can understand if it’d be the protagonist of a great series such as Sherlock Holmes, but Sidious isn’t a protagonist; he’s an antagonist. He clearly died in that kind of funnel thingy and doesn’t deserve to be brought back. It’s not like people really wanted him back in the series. Hell, people even hoped that it was all Jar Jar Binks who created fake puppets of them and was compared to…

scrambles through papers

belgium’s right hand and speaker?

huh, weird. Well, I’m telling you a story. I was in my college a year before the outbreak. I just finished my biology exam then I came back to a kind of room where people can talk and took a seat next to the table. Someone else finished another exam, and he came back saying that all he could think about during his exam was that Jar Jar Binks’ puppets theory all made sense. I asked him if he really felt alright because Jar Jar really sounded too much like a fool to be a Sith Lord. He continued explaining the theory, and someone else said that it would be better than bringing Sidious back.

The point is people didn’t want Sidious to be brought back as it’d cause too much confusion. Therefore, he didn’t deserve to be brought back.


I didn’t know that. Still, for someone who has only seen the first 6 movies, it’s still anticlimactic because the Jedi are supposed to kill the Sith.

That’s actually very poetic
The Jedi were destroyed by their own creation
Also why does everyone call people who use both the light side and the dark side grey Jedi? Couldn’t they be called grey sith? :thinking:

Dude you’re right. Sidious return is unnecessary, though. Removed :ballot_box_with_check: maybe jar jar is better? or no one? I got it.

I think thats because the original force users were called jedi, then they splited like the catholic church. So the ones who kept using light still jedi, who was exiled/or just fell for the sith? Dark jedi!
More specialized in dark side use than anyone? Sith! And it goes

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Nobody answered or commented my poem in the Music thread and you bring up a reference to it. Well…

At least someone knows about it!

EDIT: Found another video and learned that Plagueis was an actual character before the third trilogy. But he was supposed to be dead so it still doesn’t make sense to bring him back.


Well, he knew how to switch body, and fake death, and midichlorian darkside manipulation; so he is even cooler than Darth Sidious, he was supposed to reign with his apprentice instead of be killed, sidious killed him


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“bull calves”

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What does bull mean?

Btw I didnt know you are addicted to sw now its impossible to exit the event horizon MWHAHAHA!

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I’m not addicted; I’m only curious about the plot and lore since I didn’t understand a thing from the movies when I was a child. Apparently, Lucas was inspired by the Foundation novels of Asimov and created Star Wars.

Bull is a shortened version of “bull$hit”.



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not as i like the sequels but this is an exception, a very good battle

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Srsly tho
Why did Luke try to kill Kylo after one bad dream

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Although he didnt try to kill him, but only TROLL
It worked and was a very jedi way.
See? The jedi learned!

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Well, I just finished the rise of Skywalker, I can say with my heart they I absolutely hate Disney. All three of these new movies were horrible, and it Ruined Star Wars for me.

Also, what does a gold lightsaber mean?

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jk im not kidding.
Doesn’t rey’s lightsaber have all colors (can bright with any?)?
I think the gold you say is the same as yellow but…