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As suggested by hhyyrylainen, I decided to make a general Star Wars thread
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And continuing on from the discussion in the misc thread…
How would using the force affect technology today?

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A lot of modern day technology would be obsolete. Cranes, and most object transportation would be useless.

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Now i want to explain my concept better
as i didnt have time some hours ago


Basically you have a strong brain signal (generally only works using ANGER), this is send to your hand/finger cells which create a voltage (ac probalby, so it can last infinitely instead of saturating over time) and other force commands to guarantee the electricity doesnt jump at you in any way.
Then the midichlorians in that cells use their what i call “force potential energy”, which is where they get their huge amounts of energy to do force things.
electroboom intensifies and an arc is made, when the voltage rises enough, and the targed gets electrocuted.
in my concept the force could generate that “point-disturbances” called electrons, which is valid, but it can be just ac current,too.

green field= the force field
purple field= electromagnetic field
blue field= space-time field (gravity ramp)
the ramp I said, is to make just the target be moved/attracted, not all things close to it

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Yes a lot of tech would be useless

But the force will also open a lot of new opportunities for making new tech that isn’t possible in this day and age

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EDIT: What’s the meaning of ligthsaber colors?


What is this

And why havent I found them sooner?

Oh and I think lightsaber colors depend on the user’s ideals and beliefs or it’s literally just random
I think LordLovat explained a bit more in the misc thread

@LordLovat, could you summarize me please?

I’d love to.

Basically the Jedi padawans needed to go to a cave or something, so a kyber crystal “chooses” him / her. So that kid / teenager uses it to create its first lightsaber and it gains its color based on the skills, mind / personality, role (in the order). Like blue, green, yellow, etc.

Blue lightsabers generally mean that that person is focused in lightsaber combat, and is one of the most common, if not the most common colors. Example: Obi-wan Kenobi

Green sabers, symbolize a more diplomatic Jedi, focused on the use of force and / or a wise Jedi master. (like yoda)

Yellow lightsabers are generally used by more jedi who are guardians of the jedi temple (in coruscant), and in the clone wars, by jedi who served as warriors (not generals like most). Ex .: Plo koon

Red lightsabers don’t exist in fact, they are just kyber crystals modified with the use of the bogan (dark) aspect thus turning red. Since kyber cristaes are not just any stones, they are connected to the Force, it is always good to have a lightsaber that fits you. Example: darth sidious

Purple sabers actually exist only because samuel jackson (mace windu) wanted one like this to stand out (and got what he wanted).
But I heard somewhere that in some comic book or book that said that kyber crystals rarely turned purple. Although what I know of mace windu is that he gaiined it from an alien who was saved by him.

White / gray sabers are used, for example, by ahsoka tano, who “purified” the crystal to symbolize the break with the Jedi order.


I know the lightsaber color meanings for the prequel films/originals. Probably the ancient jedi had a different meaning, at least a bit.

There are also other smaller colors, but I think I have included the main ones.

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So purple doesn’t have any meaning at all?

Well yes, but actually no.

Samuel jackson just wanted it, so then some canon things about them were made, like the comic book thing i said. There were other purple lightsaber users in sw, like Darth Revan (ancient sith) and he used purple even being sith lord.
Some people claim that purple is blue+red which equals a more “agressive” and “dark side user” jedi.

Anything else canon? Like how do you obtain a purple crystal? Didn’t you say that purple crystals are given to lightside Jedi who can use the darkside without being corrupt by it?

Everything I saw about purple kyber cristal obtaining is:
1.You can get from a alien you saved lol;
2. From the kyber cristal cave as all others

I said it because I quite believe in that theory, right or not. As much things in internet are weird, coarse, irritating, and they get everywhere.
Anyway its quite weird and strange but ok.

Here is some links about kyber cristals:
this one may not aply to mace windu but generally all purple users

If Anakin had followed the rules…

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So he wouldn’t be the Chosen One as he didnt bring balance and the galaxy (milky way?) would be a better place. But he would remain chosen one to the jedi as he destroyed the sith.

So the chosen one wasn’t meant to be Anakin in the beginning, but his son?
From a video I watched recently, it says that Qui-Gon Jinn knew that the prophecy meant that:
  1. Someone would betray the Jedi and that there would be many sacrifices.
  2. The Chosen One would bring peace again and bring a balance to the force.
Anyway, @LordLovat, what do you think about the new movies? Do you think they fit the story or is there too many mistakes in the story telling? Do you like them?

Well, some people say that luke is the chosen one, other say rey :roll_eyes:
But obviously its anakin! :smiley:

Well, it was a not bad trilogy. At least it revived sw for a while.
Technically the sequels are like the 2 trilogy ( the ~20 years luke trilogy), but falsified.
You have a person without parents in a desert planet. With a galactic dictatorship, and some rebels who fight against. The supreme leader of the 2 trilogy is a old deformed guy who you dont know the powers in the films. The 3trilogy one is almost the same, but not a sith, and less powerful. A falsified emperor.

Oh and his apprentice, a guy who uses mask and has some familiar conections with the desert planet person I said. Isnt the same? The same but falsifiedn falsified sith, pseudo sith; etc.

I don’t remeber rogue one much, but the rogue one director was like a george lucas succesor. If they kept that director in the sequels, it would probably be different.

So it’s basically the same as SW 4, 5 & 6, but with some details changed…


More like Bore Ragnarok!

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If I wrote the sequels (summarized lovat's idea)

The first film, would be the reconstruction of the jedi order (the same year as TFA).
But Darth Plagueis returns, but just hide in this film, probably much theories about a plagueis return would pop

SECOND FILM: Then you have “rey” too. “Kylo ren” is taken as plagueis apprentice in the second film. There is a fight beetween sidious new body and plagueis new body. Plagueis wins.

But the sith decide to become less “blind” by their anger, more balanced sith. Not so evil.
The jedi would also be the jedi everyone always wanted. Not so arrogant. Not so ignorant, they study the dark side but moderate,etc.
But the sith, as they aren’t so consumed by their darkness, brake the rule of two, and re start the sith order (just like the jedi)
A great sith-jedi war happens, with much dead jedi and sith appearing.

The last film would be the war peak, and rey, with all jedi help, became the successor of the grandmaster luke skywalker (died in battle)
Some cool things happen, and the jedi and sith learn how to live together. Just like two competitor magic schools. People with midichlorians would be asked to serve a specific order. Of course the sith and jedi remain competitive, wanting to be more than the other. But nothing wrong with this.
Then the Great Jedi-Sith Peace is signed by Darth Plagueis new body, and Rey.


I guess its a very good ending for the saga.

According to your summary…

7th Movie

Non-sense! It doesn’t make sense! Who the heck is Plagueis! Sidious was the Overlord and he died! WT$! Sith are dead!

8th Movie

Who the heck is Rey, but okay. After all, a first nonsense movie should bring a bizarre sequel as Sidious is still alive!? WHAT! He died! You can’t bring back an evil character like that! That’s bull$***!

9th Movie

Making Luke die is a shame to the series! It wouldn’t have ended like this if they hadn’t screwed up the story! And the Jedi makes peace with the Sith? HOW ANTICLIMACTIC!

Rate of the trilogy…


blackjacksike’s seal for bullshit movies
Seriously, I mean I don’t blame the actors and actresses nor do I blame the director or else. No, I’m blaming the scenario for being so wrong and anticlimactic. Seriously, even though I don’t remember perfectly the series, I still feel that it spiritually ends with the 6th movie.

Some other post that has no relation to the aforementioned rate.

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