Starting a new translation

Greetings! I would like to help make the project a little bit more accessible to the Thai populace by adding Thai :thailand: translation to the game. May I ask whether I need to submit any prerequisites or credentials in order to contribute, if so, what would be the steps I am required to take? As I understand it, all the translations efforts are now made openly available via Webslate, but Thai languages seems not to be among the languages that are being worked on. If it is possible, could you please allow the inclusion of Thai language into this project as well?

P.S. This is my first topic in this community. I must apologise in advance if I contravened any rules in the process.


You need to first create an account / login with Github on
After that (and you are logged in), go to on that page just scroll down and there should be a button for starting a new translation.

Does that mean anyone can start a new translation if it doesn’t yet exist? Or is there some criteria a translator and/or the language to be translated too should fullfill?

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Anyone can start a new translation. I hope we don’t attract spammers / trolls on the translation website, as we don’t have a process to really verify if a translation is done correctly or not.