Stealing to make water civs

Plz don’t hate

I have so much hate.

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I’m guessing you were too late for the contest, huh.

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What is it? I’m not sure I get it.

It’s an underwater city.

i think this thread needs to be closed. its pointless

Oh I see, yeah underwater cities are fine, amphibious species would build them I think :slight_smile:

I didn’t expect this. A dev agreeing to underwater civs… BUT they can still enable smelting since underwater volcanoes exist and there tends to be lots of minerals diluted in water. Besides, we find a bunch of ionized chunks of iron anyways.

No one has ever denied that under water cities could be built. It’s just that no completely underwater species could do it. Amphibians or even land-based civs would be needed for them to be able to build underwater cities.


Would that necessarily be true though? You can still construct without smelting. Unless you plan to use smelting as the defiant way to advance…

To put it simply without starting a riot, if you wish to build an entirely water-based civilisation, without smelting, it’s stuck in the stone age. Its technology is restricted to primitive tools so the civilisation can’t go far without finding a way to smelt metal.


I would agree… But does that make a different gameplay?

basically, without smelter you can’t smeltal thel meltal.


But ya can latlem leht latlems…

Yes. Basically everything we have comes from being able to forge metal. From weapons to tools, everything requires metal somewhere in the mix.

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well underwater it’s impossible unless you smelt metal with a water bottle on your head.:laughing:
that’s literaly how you do it devs.
also, UNDA WATA.

So that means two transitions, either from water to land to back to water, or water to stealing from other smart organisms. Thievery is a thing in this game, right?

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Well, even with the knowledge of smelting, you still can’t do it underwater (and if you think you can, I will kindly direct you to this abomination of arguments). However, you don’t have to leave water completely. Like TJwhale said, an amphibian civ, so people who live both on land and in water, can construct cities underwater, but forges would have to be above-water.

But what about stealing? I’m sure you can stea- um… I mean use so tech from another species and “study” it.

that is only IF another species reaches sapience AND manages to make metal stuff. even if they steal, that’s all they can do, they won’t advance more at all.