Steam Beta non-stable version ( ? ) Population Of Microbe

I didn’t know where to find the logs, and I am unsure if I am on release, but I do know that I opted into the non-stable beta on Steam. Below are some screenshots of the bug, it appears that all the values of my microbe got set to 0, and my microbe no longer appears in the editor. The Next button didn’t work on any of the screens, but it made the noise. I got the bug when I died in the Mesopelagic, then moved to the sea floor after; Once I reproduced, the bug became present. Upon reloading of the savefile I made upon reaching the editor, the next button worked again, except for in the editor, and the patch map move button was no longer gray, but it still did nothing.

"Report" Screen (my species is not present, the title is bugged, and there is no data)

When I clicked on the magnifying glass on any of the statistics, the popup window that appeared just had the text: “No Data to Show” in the center, along with the regular size, and the X and Close buttons. The Timeline showed up blank, and the buttons didn’t stop glowing after the selection was changed.

Patch Map (the rest of the patches are fine, but the patch I spawned in got set to 0 but didn't remove my species)

I couldn’t move to any of the patches, the “move to this patch” icon on all of them showed up gray

Creature Editor Screen

My Behavior sliders were also all slid to the left. I assume my creature color would’ve been set to default, but I didn’t change my color from the default, so I didn’t notice. When I clicked on the Species Name box after noticing it was empty, I wasn’t allowed to leave before naming the species, so I did that, but the text stayed red even though it conformed to the Genus Species format. I also couldn’t place anything in my cell in the cell editor, and changing membrane type or rigidity was free. I also couldn’t zoom in or out in the editor, though I could in the patch map. Hovering over Digestion efficiency showed lipase efficiency at 30%, and hovering over storage showed a blank popup thingy.

The beta may not be the latest version currently, I recommend using the non-beta version of Thrive whenever not testing a new beta, because otherwise it just is some random version that is likely slightly outdated (I just checked and the beta version was one update out of date, I now set it to the latest stable version, I don’t do this immediately after each update because if the stable version gets a serious bug that wasn’t caught people can play on the beta version until a new emergency patch can be made).

Could you provide your game logs from when the error happened (the logs will also confirm the used Thrive version)? There is a button in the Thrive options to open the logs folder. But I suspect you ran into this issue (which basically makes the editor not load properly and that causes huge number of cascading failures in the editor): Editor screen fails to load anything randomly · Issue #5075 · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub